Rent an OpenBSD server? Teach or learn via online text chat? Get a free IRC bouncer? Chat with us!

Our services

We offer web hosting with PHP, and virtual servers. Free trial for the first three months. The server runs OpenBSD. The service is in beta.

We also run tutoring via the live chat, where we can help you with computing and English topics.


Translate myPHPApp.po to your language.

Sign up as a tutor. Teach computing, English, or a new topic when the live chat is open, as per the schedule shown above, where you may also add a time that you prefer.

Volunteer as system administrator to help us run chat server and tutoring software. Keep the virtual server for free after the tree trial ends.

Join our chat server. Share lecturify with a friend.

Tell us how we can improve. Feedback is important.

You may also wish to donate. Donations are utilized to pay for domain registration, dedicated server hosting. Our system administrators are not paid, their work is volunteer. To donate, please contact us by email or live chat, and let us know your preferred payment method.


No profanity / porn / illegal drugs / promotion of violence

No slander / libel / No gambling

No spam, illegal cracking, or DDoS

No copyright infrigement

Only one account per person

Do not share passwords or accounts

Privacy policy

To access our services, we may ask for your email address. We will also log your IP address and other account metadata such as user agent information. We scan IP addresses for open proxies. This data is stored permanently to allow us to combat spam and abuse. To request us to delete a copy of your data, query support@lecturify.net and it will be shown to you, and removed if you desire.

We do not log chat history. Individuals may. Where a channel is logged, a link to logs is shown in the channel topic, or entry message.

For bouncer users, Staff members, however, have access to metadata described such as which networks and channels your bouncer is joined to. This metadata is used to prevent abuse.

We do not sell any personal information to third-parties.

Contact us

Query support+202201@lecturify.net for help please, or ask us for help when the live chat is open.


2022-01-21 Classes schedule released on the home page

2022-01-18 Bouncer web http://bnc.lecturify.net is also back to normal.

2022-01-17 An unscheduled reboot is now complete.


Live chat status


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